Eva and sam schoen

Eva and Sam Schoen

Real Name: Eva Schoen
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Telluride, Colorado
Date: August 6, 1990


Details: On the morning of August 6, 1990, Eva Schoen, 44, wife of U-Haul heir, Sam Schoen, was found murdered in her Telluride, Colorado home, shot once in the back of the head. Sam had been away on business that weekend, and immediately returned to be with his family. Only one important piece of evidence was found: a pair of sunglasses near the home. Detectives found that Sam's business trip was a last-minute trip and that he had taken Eva's car. They questioned Sam and soon found a possible motive for Eva's murder. In 1986, Sam's siblings had overthrown their father Leonard from being the owner of the company, and Sam had taken his father's side. It was now believed that Eva may have been murdered in retaliation.
Since their home was very isolated, authorities believe that the murder was not a random act of violence. Authorities also believe that the killer or killers watched the Schoen family and waited until everyone had fallen asleep. They entered through the unlock back door and shot Eva in her bed. After the killer(s) left, Eva was able to get out of her bed and crawl to the stairs where she collapsed and died. Authorities continued to look into the feud in the Schoen family, and questioned the two brothers who had overthrown Leonard. However, they cannot say for certain if they were involved in Eva's murder. Sam and his children left Telluride after Eva's murder and have not returned since but continue to search for answers in Eva's death.
Suspects: Sam Schoen believes that his two brothers may have played a role in Eva's murder.


Frank Marquis

Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the December 2, 1992 episode and was updated on the January 5, 1994 episode.
Results: Solved. A viewer called the telecenter after the segment was repeated and claimed that her brother-in-law Frank Marquis was the killer. Authorities soon learned that he was in Telluride around the time of Eva's murder and had bragged about the killing. Marquis was arrested in July of 1993, and soon confessed to Eva's murder.
He claims that his gun went off unexpectedly while he and Eva struggled. He had planned to burglarize the home and had not expected her to be in the house; when she had told him to leave, he killed her. Another key piece of evidence was a shirt that belonged to Marquis which he had thrown out while on a stretch of road in New Mexico. A hair found on the shirt belonged to Eva Schoen. Marquis pleaded guilty to Eva's murder in November of 1994. He was sentenced to twenty-four years in prison and was paroled in 2011.

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