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Pam and eric ellender

Eric and Pam Ellender

Real Name: Eric and Pam Ellender
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Sulphur, Louisiana
Date: February 11, 1991


Details: On February 11, 1991, Eric and Pamela Ellender were found shot to death in their bed in their Sulphur, Louisiana home with their infant daughter nearby surviving unscathed. The day after the murders, police In Baton Rouge arrested eighteen-year-old Chris Prudhomme and three other men who were in possession of Eric's car, which had been stolen the night of the murders. Police questioned Chris who soon confessed to the crime. He stated that he used an automatic shotgun found in the Ellender home to shoot Eric and Pam. He stated that he had no remorse for the killing and was actually glad that he killed them. Seventeen days later, Chris was found hanging in his cell unconscious; he died a few hours later. A suicide note was found in his cell in which he claimed full responsibility for the murders, stating that he enjoyed "taking those two individuals' lives". After the suicide, police closed the case.
However, Pam's private investigating father, Huey Littleton, felt that there was more to the case and that more people were responsible. He believes that Chris was part of a Satanic cult called "SKATERS" an acronym for "Satan's Kids Against the Establishment". Huey soon learned from a girlfriend of one of the alleged cult members about a meeting that took place the morning after Pam and Eric were killed. The cult members apparently made up a story for Chris to tell the police when he would be arrested in order to keep another member who also involved from being implicated. She told Huey that Chris and an accomplice broke into the Ellender home planning only to burglarize it. However, they were high on LSD and they ended up murdering the couple instead. Huey began to interview more witnesses, and found a witness with a shocking story. Nickie Alderson told Huey that shortly after the murders, the SKATERS were hosting a party in the Ellender home. When Nickie arrived at the house, she saw Chris and several other people that she knew sitting around the home doing drugs. She had no idea that there were two bodies in the house until the next morning when she had seen it on TV.
Huey Littleton asked the police department to re-open the investigation and look into the evidence that he had located. However, the authorities felt that the evidence Huey collected was not credible and that there was also no evidence of a party at the crime scene. However, Huey did find one other witness who seemed to confim Nickie's story about a party at the Ellender home. The witness, Chip Richard, claimed to have seen videotapes that were made at the Ellender home that showed the victims being murdered and then sexually molested after death. 
After Chris Prudhomme's death, Robert Adkins became another key figure in the case. Adkins was one of the three men that were arrested with Chris in Baton Rouge the day after the murders. While out on bail, Adkins allegedly told his friend Shawn Moody that he was present when Chris Prudhomme killed the Ellenders. He said that they had been looking around for valuables and had found Eric's gun. When they went into the bedroom, Pam woke up and Chris shot her. Then, when Eric woke up Chris shot him as well. However, Adkins allegedly told witness Chip Richard that Chris Prudhomme had never killed anyone, and that the SKATERS made him take the blame for the murders because he was going to be the leader of the cult. 
Then, another crucial witness came forward. Pearl Fruge told Huey that her cousin Kim Manuel was in the house at the time of the murders. The next day, Pearl tape recorded a conversation that she had with Kim about the murders. Kim described the murders in accurate detail but she never admitted being in the house at the time. She even said that Chris planned to kill the child as well but an accomplice stopped him. Pearl decided to take the tape to a grand jury, and after hearing this and other testimony, the grand jury returned with an indictment of two counts of second-degree murder against Kim Manuel. It is believed that this was done in order to get Kim to tell police the names of others involved in the murders. However, this was unsuccessful, and Kim's attorney called a press conference, claiming that Pearl Fruge was lying and that the conversation on the tape was scripted. Pearl, however, says that what she told was the truth and that the tape recording was not faked. One year later, the charges against Kim Manuel were dropped and Huey has since lost most credibility with authorities.
Huey Littleton will continue to work until everyone involved in the deaths of Pam and Eric Ellender are brought to justice.

Chris prudhomme1

Chris Prudhomme

Suspects: Chris Prudhomme was believed to be the sole killer by authorities. However, Huey Littleton believes that there were several others involved in the murder, including Robert Adkins and Kim Manuel.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 24, 1995 episode.
Results: Solved. On February 9, 1995, Robert Adkins was indicted for the murders of Pam and Eric Ellender.  Phillip LeDeoux and Kurt "Dragon" Reese were charged as accessories after the fact. The three men were the ones originally arrested along with Chris Prudhomme in 1991. Five years later, Adkins entered a plea of two counts of manslaughter. The District Court Judge sentenced him to two twenty-year sentences to run concurrently with credit for four years served for helping steal the Ellender vehicle. However, the judge suspended the 16-year sentence and placed him on five years probation. He soon violated probation on several occasions times and received minor punishment for the probation violation. Phillip LeDeoux was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact and was sentenced to four years in prison. Kurt Reese plead guilty to being an accessory after the fact and was sentenced to two years in prison. Authorities no longer believe that anyone else was involved in the murders and the case is now considered closed.

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