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Elmer deboer

Elmer DeBoer

Real Name: Elmer Deboer
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Waterford, Michigan
Date:  11 May 1987


Details: 38-year-old Elmer Deboer was an oil company courier who befriended a gas station employee named Missy Mundy where he picked up money from. He did not know that she and her boyfriend, Jerry Strickland, were wanted fugitives.
Jerry strickland

Jerry Strickland

Elmer mysteriously disappeared one day and his body was later found. Before they could be questioned, Missy and Jerry vanished again.
Missy munday

Missy Mundy

Suspects: Jerry Strickland and Missy Mundy
Extra Notes: This case first aired as a part of Special #7 on February 5, 1988.
Results: Solved. Jerry and Missy were arrested in Moses Lake, Washington as a result of the broadcast. He is serving two life sentence for murder, while she has not been charged in the crime.

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