Corrine gustavson

Corrine Gustavson

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Abduction, Rape, Murder
Missing Since: September 1992


Details: American and Canadian police are searching for the rapist and killer of six-year-old Corrine "Punky" Gustavson from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. The assailant is also suspected in the abduction, rape, and attempted murder of a three-year-old girl from Edmonton named Mandy Tremblay. Mandy lived in an apartment with her aunt and mother, which was right next to a playground. At 6 pm on May 26, 1992, Mandy realized that she had left her shoes at the playground, so she walked over to retrieve them. While there, she was kidnapped by an unidentified man. After searching for two hours, her mother called the police. The next day, Mandy was found sexually assaulted and severely injured in a field nine miles away. Disturbingly, it appeared that the assailant had driven by the field and thrown her out of his car without stopping.
Mandy survived the attack but was unable to help with the case due to her age. The only clue investigators found were some of her clothing, five miles away. Her left shoe was never found. The investigation stalled until the morning of September 6, 1992, when Corrine was abducted from her back yard while playing hide and seek with her friend, Lindsay Knott. Lindsay and another child saw the abductor throw Corrine into a blue van and drive off. A police search soon began for Corrine and her abductor.
Tragically, two days later, Corrine's body was found in a truck lot nine kilometers from her home. She had been sexually assaulted and smothered to death. At the scene, investigators found both footprints and tire prints. The tire prints indicated that the suspect drove a mid-sized North American front-wheel drive vehicle with Goodyear Invicta GLs on the back with approximately 20% wear and bald tires on the front. The footprints indicated that he wore a miter type baseball cleat, size 5.5 to 7. This was a patented trade design, manufactured in Canada.
Investigators were also able to determine that Corrine had been killed in another location and dumped in the truck yard. This is similar to what happened to Mandy. A criminal profile was developed of the assailant. It stated that the assailant was in his late teens to early twenties, does not have a girlfriend, is a loner, and is fantasy-motivated. The profiler believes that the suspect will most likely re-offend if he is not caught.
Since the murder, billboards about the case have been placed throughout Edmonton. Investigators have no suspects in the case, but believe that Corrine's murder may be related to Mandy's attack. However, the killer remains at large.

Clifford sleigh

Clifford Sleigh

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 24, 1993 episode. This case was also covered on America’s Most Wanted and Cold Case Files.
Results: Captured. Corrine's uncle was originally the prime suspect in her death because her body had been found underneath his truck. However, he was later cleared through DNA evidence. In March of 2003, ten years after her abduction and murder, the police arrested Clifford Matthew Sleigh in connection with her murder after his DNA matched that found on her body. Sleigh was already in prison, serving time for an unrelated sexual assault.
Investigators had learned that he owned baseball cleats identical to the tracks found at the murder scene. He admitted to sexually assaulting her and causing her death. He tried to plead guilty to manslaughter, but the court rejected that plea. He was tried and convicted of her murder and is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for 25 years.
Authorities suspect that Sleigh may have been involved in attacks on other girls, including Mandy, but he has not been charged in those cases.

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