Sandra anderson and eagle

Sandra Anderson and Eagle

Real Name: Eagle
Case: Animal Skills/Cadaver Dogs
Location: Michigan
Date: 1999-2001


Details: Eagle is a Doberman Pinscher owned by Sandra Anderson, who has the amazing talent of locating human bones, murder weapons, and other clues that archaeologists and detectives cannot and helping law enforcement solve puzzling cases. One day, in Lapeer County, Michigan, Eagle was teaching police officers how to search the riverbanks for human remains when he began barking and investigators found several human bones, all belonging to an unidentified man. They determined that the bones of the man had been run through an wood chipper, suggesting that he was murdered. For years, investigators have tried to identify the man by placing his DNA into several databases, but so far, no matches have been made. In December of 1999, Tracey and Azizul Islam divorced, and he told their children that she had gone back to England. On December 22, the dismembered body of a woman was found in a dumpster, and the woman's torso was found a week later. Authorities suspected that the remains were Tracey's, so they called in Eagle and his owner Sandra to the Islam home. Eagle began barking at a carpet in the basement, and underneath they found blood that matched Tracey's. Azizul Islam was arrested and convicted of first degree murder, thanks to Eagle the dog. Eagle has been able to help find missing people in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Panama and continues to help law enforcement agencies. Nobody knows how Eagle or other cadaver dogs have such a special ability.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the July 11, 2001 episode.
Results: Solved. Investigators became suspicious after they learned that some of the DNA from the bones found by Eagle did not match the missing persons that to whom they supposedly belonged. A woman came forward claiming that Sandra had distracted some investigators then planted several bones. In April of 2002, a police investigator saw Sandra planting human bones, and she was arrested. When police officers searched Sandra's house, they found several human bones that she got from a local medical examiner. She plead guilty to planting evidence at a crime scene and making false statements and was sentenced to twenty one months in prison. She has since been released. Sadly, although Eagle's skills might have been genuine yet exploited, he has since passed away due to heart disease.

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