Iben browning

Dr. Iben Browning

Real Name: Dr. Iben Browning
Occupation: Seismologist
Place Of Birth: Edna, Texas
Date Of Birth: January 9, 1918
Location: San Francisco, California


Background: Dr. Iben Browning is a climatologist who has accurately predicted seven earthquakes in the last decade, including the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. He has predicted that an earthquake will occur in the Midwest in the next three weeks.
Case Files:

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Notes: Browning was featured in a segment of the November 7, 1990 episode
Browning's prediction of an earthquake in the Midwest was proven wrong as no earthquake ever occured. However, Browning's accurate predictions of the other earthquakes is yet to be explained. Dr. Browning passed away in July 1991.

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