Don kemp1

Donald Kemp

Real Name: Donald Kemp
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Wyoming
Date: November 16, 1982


Occupation: former Advertising Executive
Date of Birth: 1947
Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Unrevealed


Details: After a debilitating traffic accident, Don Kemp changed his mind about returning to his Madison Avenue position. Choosing to write a book about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, he sold nearly everything he owned and traveled out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but he never made it. Kemp's abandoned SUV was found deserted by patrolman Randy Teeters and idling on an on-ramp forty miles from any town with his belongings strewn around it. A solitary set of footprints departed from it in the snow. A search was made for the disoriented Kemp, but no trace of him was found. His duffel bag with a few personal items was found nearby and an attempted campfire six miles away inside a barn with three of Kemp's socks. Don's mother was convinced her son had been abducted. Three years later, Don's remains were found a few miles from where his SUV had been deserted. It was believed he had died in the recent blizzard, but recent sightings had placed Don in Cheyenne and in Casper while he would have been dead. One of Don's friends who wished to remain anonymous (nee "Sally") claims he got a call from Don. Sally says that she is absolutely certain that it was really his voice and it was a brief message citing that he will speak to her again and left a phone number. The next day, Sally called the number and asked to speak to Don. A man answered the phone and he said that Don was out. Sally convinced that the caller holds the clue to what really happened to Don. Telephone records traced to a trailer; the owner of the trailer claims he had no knowledge of Don Kemp. Three weeks after his interrogation, that man vanished along with any knowledge of what really happened to Donald Kemp.
Suspects: The mysterious calls were coming from a trailer. The man who lived there was considered a possible suspect.
Extra Notes: The case was part of the original Unsolved Mysteries January 20, 1987 special with Raymond Burr.
Results: Unsolved. Unfortunately, Mary Kemp passed away in May 2014.

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