Don decker1

Don Decker

Real Name: Donald Decker
Case: Unexplained Phenomenon
Date: February 1983
Location: Pennsylvania


Details: Don Decker is a Pennsylvania native who has been surrounded by a phenomenon that enabled him to cause rain to appear around him. It started after his grandfather's death when he was a teenager in February of 1983. He arrived at a friend's house, and while he was in the restroom, he was attacked by what he later claimed was his grandfather's spirit. It apparently scratched his forearm.
Afterwards, they were all in the living room, and rain started falling in the house. They went to a cafe later, where the rain continued to fall without explanation. Don was on a week's leave from jail to attend his grandfather's funeral while all of this was happening. He had been sent to jail for receiving stolen property and he had to go back to finish his sentence.
While he was back in jail, he was sent to a priest after causing it to rain in his cell. The priest performed several exorcisms and ceremonies on him, and eventually, as mysteriously as the rain began, it stopped forever.

Don decker2 rain

Rain from Don Decker on the wall

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 10, 1993 episode. It was also featured on an episode of Paranormal Witness on the SyFy Channel.
Results: Unsolved

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