Dimitric moore

Dimitric Moore

Real Name: Dimitric Alexander Moore
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Date: April 23, 1995


Details: On the afternoon of April 23, 1995, eight-year-old Dimitric Moore said goodbye to his mother, Ora Lee, and went outside to play with the neighborhood kids. Later that evening, when he still had not returned, Ora began searching for him. Over the next day, she, her family, her neighbors, and the police searched for Dimitric. Then, Dimitric's brother Damin made a gruesome discovery. He found Dimitric's body in the trunk of his mother's car.
Initially, it was suspected that Dimitric may have accidentally locked himself in the trunk and died. However, an autopsy proved that he had died from asphyxiation and ruled his death a homicide. Police suspected that Ora had killed her son; she was questioned for several hours but denied any involvement. In December of 1995, she was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of her son.

Ora moore

Prosecutors believed that Ora became infuriated with Dimitric when he came home dirty. They suspect that she threw him into a bathtub, beat him, and drowned him. They believed that she then placed his body in the trunk. Wet clothes were found in the trunk next to his body. Bruises and cigarette burns were also found on his body. They also pointed to inconsistencies in her story and her apparent lack of urgency about her son's disappearance. Finally, they pointed to a statement she made in an interview, where she said that she did not drown her son. However, at that time, police had not released his cause of death.
However, Ora maintained her innocence at trial. Her defense attorney was able to show that an investigator had told her about her son's cause of death. Also, neighbors testified that they could hear conversations between their dividing wall. However, they did not hear anything suspicious on the night of Dimitric's death. In June of 1996, she was found not guilty in the death of her son. The local police closed the case, believing that she was guilty. Ora continues to maintain her innocence and wants to find her son's killer or killers. She suspects that neighborhood boys that Dimitric was seen with on the night of his death may have been responsible.
In February of 1997, state investigators agreed to re-open the case. They are now looking into the possibility that the neighborhood boys killed Dimitric. Interestingly, the boys lied to police, claiming that they had not seen him that day. According to one of Dimitric's friends, several of the boys were seen bullying Dimitric, who was smaller than them. Ora and some investigators suspect that the boys killed Dimitric accidentally and that their parents helped clean up his body. Ora believes that while searching for Dimitric, the parents may have placed his body in the trunk of her unlocked car. However, no other suspects have been publicly identified.
Suspects: Ora Lee Moore was considered the prime suspect in Dimitric's death. After the acquittal, police looked into other theories. They tried to identify the young boys seen with Dimitric, but were unsuccessful.
Extra Notes: The airdate for this segment is May 9, 1997.
One of the witnesses from the trial, Dimitric's friend Perry Baker, is now a professional American rugby player.
Results: Unresolved. As a result of the broadcast, investigators received several dozen calls about the case. However, none of these leads panned out. Officially, the local police still consider the case closed.