Hugh harlin5 and dian

Dian and Hugh Harlin

Real Name: Dian Harlin
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Morro Bay, California
Date: October 2, 1982


Details: Dian Harlin was married to a quirky fisherman named Hugh Harlin and they lived in Morro Bay, California. Hugh and Dian were both known locally as eccentric, but their relationships with others differed. Hugh was somewhat sociable with others and enjoyed his work as a fisherman and tinker, whereas Dian maintained few social contacts, and had become known in social circles as "The Dog Lady" due to the gossip. According to Hugh, Dian cared more about her dogs than she did for him and used all of the money they had on the dogs. Dian left with some of her dogs on October 2, 1982, and vanished.
When she was found murdered on the beach on October 13, Hugh was an obvious suspect, but had an airtight alibi. Investigators at the time ruled Hugh out as a suspect, but always had the impression Hugh knew more about the crime than he claimed. Police believed Hugh's furtive attitude during interrogation had to do with intimidation that the same murderer of Dian may return for him. Four years later in November 1986, Hugh went off to get tools for a job, but friends found his truck deserted on the side of the road and his personal possessions left behind. Few people believe he vanished on his own, but several people believe he was harmed by the person who killed Dian.
Suspects: Hugh Harlin was considered a suspect by police, but he was never charged and some now believe that an unknown person killed Dian, and Hugh was killed by that same person because he knew too much.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the April 6, 1994 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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