Devin williams1

Devin Williams with his wife and children

Real Name: Devin Eugene Williams
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames; some resources misspell name "Devon"
Location: Tonto National Forest, Kingman, Arizona
Date: May 28, 1995


Occupation: Truck Driver
Date of Birth: 23 April 1966
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 190 lbs
Marital Status: Married
Characteristics: Brown hair and eyes, stocky in build.


Details: Devin Williams was a twenty-nine-year-old long distance truck driver, loving husband and father of three from Emporia, Kansas. On May 23, 1995, he left his home, heading west. He delivered his load as scheduled in California. While driving a refrigerated shipment for his return trip from California, he turned on to a service road near Kingman, Arizona. On the morning of May 28, his truck barreled through Tonto National Forest and terrified several motorists, including Lynn Yarrington. Two other campers were nearly ran over by the truck; they were forced to back up along a road until they were out of his way.
Later that day, several campers came upon the truck; Devin was standing next to it. One of the campers spoke to him; he responded with "They made me do it" and "I'm going to jail". The campers felt that something was wrong with him. Based on his bizarre statements, they even thought that he may have been kidnapped and was being held hostage by someone in the truck.
By late Sunday afternoon, Deputy Dean Wells inspected the stranded truck. Devin was missing, but the cargo was intact, the refrigerator was running, and there was no reason to suspect foul play. The truck had to be recovered by Kyle Burris of Flint Hill Transportation, Devin's company.
The following afternoon, Lynn and her husband Jack came upon Devin again. It appeared that he was talking to himself. Jack asked him if he needed help; he responded by saying "I gotta light the grill". They noticed that he had a $20 bill in his hand and was hitting it with a rock, as if he was trying to start a fire. When he threw a rock at their car, the Yarringtons decided to leave. They were the last people to see Devin alive.
That same day, it was discovered that Devin was the man who was seen in the forest. There is no apparent reason for Devin's sudden disappearance. The day before, he had phoned the company remarking that he could not get any sleep but was determined to get on the road. Devin's wife Mary Lou was certain something must have happened to him; they had just bought a house and were at their happiest time in their lives. Searches for Devin yielded no results.
Suspects: None known. Some investigators speculated that Devin may have been on drugs at the time of his disappearance; however, his family refused to believe this. His boss also noted that he had passed his drug tests. Another theory was that he vanished voluntarily. Interestingly, he had taken his duffel bag and audio tapes, but left his briefcase behind. His family does not believe that he would leave them behind. Some UFO researchers have connected his case to stories about UFOs in the area.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the March 15, 1996 episode.
Devin Williams is not to be confused with the case of Dale Williams.
Results: Unresolved. On May 2, 1997, a skull was found on the Mogollon Rim (a quarter mile from where Devin vanished) by hikers. Dental records confirmed the skull was Devin. Although no foul play was suspected, there are several unanswered questions in this case. There has been some speculation that Devin was diabetic and suffered from an episode; this has not been confirmed.

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