Desiree Perkins

Real Name: Desiree Dawn Lingo-Perkins
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Abduction and Murder
Missing Since: March 2000


Details: Kevin McElroy had a flourishing manufacturing business in East Texas with over 30 employees, and his 18 year old son Kyle worked there as a supervisor. On March 10, 2000, at 9am, a woman called the office and demanded to talk to Kevin. The woman, who called herself Sara, claimed that she had kidnapped Kyle and told Kevin where to find his son's truck and that there would be more instructions inside of it. She threatened to kill Kyle if police were contacted and then his son's voice came on that said "Daddy, do what they say, or they are going to kill me!" but Kevin felt it sounded like a recording of his son. He called police, who followed him to Kyle's truck. There they found a note that said "You have seven hours to come up with $200,000. Do not call the police, or we will kill your son. We will call you later at the plant".


Kyle McElroy

At 6:30pm, Sara called asking for the money and Kevin explained that he could only get half of the money and wanted to speak with his son, but she said no and hung up. She soon called back and told him to go to a phone booth where he would find more instructions. At 7:15pm, he arrived at the phone booth and found a note at the bottom of a trash can next to the phone. The note ordered Kevin to deliver the ransom money to a laundromat a half mile away and he would then receive another call at his office that would tell him where to find Kyle. Kevin had the FBI listen to the calls, and they traced the next call to one of his employees, Victor Feredes, whose real name is David Rios. Rios was soon arrested, as well as two other conspirators, Ernesto Balion and Alfredo Romero, when they tried to get the ransom money. Ernesto broke down and told authorities where they would find Kyle, and claimed that he was still alive. Tragically, when Kyle was located by the FBI, he was dead, choked to death, and bound with duct tape. The FBI believes that Kyle was forced to record the tape and was killed before the phone calls were even made. Rios, Balion, and Romero were all charged and convicted of kidnapping and murder. The FBI soon identified "Sara" as Desiree Dawn Lingo-Perkins, a prostitute known to frequent local migrant worker camps. Perkins is now wanted for capital murder.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the August 6, 2001 episode. Perkins was profiled on America’s Most Wanted and the case was later covered on Cuff Me If You Can.
Results: Captured. In October of 2004, Perkins was seen by police officers in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and noticed her trying to flee from them by weaving in and out of traffic on a bicycle. They caught up with her, identified her and extradited her back to the United States. She pled guilty and is now serving a life sentence in prison for Kyle's murder.

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