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Deborah Poe

Real Name: Deborah Deann Poe
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Orlando, Florida
Date: February 4, 1990


Occupation: Clerk
Date of Birth: August 3, 1963
Height: 5'2-5'3
Weight: 100-105 lbs.
Marital Status: Unrevealed
Characteristics: Caucasian female. Curly dark blond hair, blue eyes.


Details: Deborah Poe vanished on February 4, 1990, during the graveyard shift at the convenience store where she worked. She was last seen by a customer at around midnight and the store was found empty by one of her friends. Police soon determined that she had most likely been abducted. Investigations into her disappearance have lead to the possibility that she was the victim of a serial killer in the area. Six months earlier, clerk Donna Callahan disappeared in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Three weeks later, clerk Darleen Messer was abducted and later found murdered, and police suspected that they were all abducted and murdered by the same person.

Poe sketch

A composite of the Megadeth man

Suspects: None known, but one witness came forward and reported that she had stopped at the convenience store during Deborah's shift and that a tall man was working the counter during the 45-minute gap between two visits from one of Deborah's friends. The witness noted that when she asked for a pack of cigarettes, he had difficulty finding them but she had assumed he was simply a new employee still learning where items were located. No one employed at the store at the time fit his description and he has never been identified. Although he is not necessarily a suspect in Deborah's disappearance, police would like to find and eliminate him as a potential suspect and learn of anything he might have seen that night. At the time, he was described as a man over 6-feet tall, in his early-to-mid 20's, sporting shoulder-length dark hair, and wearing a Megadeth t-shirt.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 6, 1991 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Police now have a suspect in Deborah's disappearance, but he has not been charged. Police now believe that the tall man in the Megadeth t-shirt was most likely not involved in the case and that he was most likely just a passersby. Both Deborah's disappearance and Darleen's murder remain unsolved.

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