Debi whitlock

Debi Whitlock

Real Name: Deborah Whitlock
Nicknames: Debi Whitlock
Location: Modesto, California
Date: March 25, 1988


Details: Thirty two year old Deborah Whitlock was a wife, mother of a three year old daughter, and assistant manager at a Sears in Modesto, California. On March 24, 1988, Debi's husband, Harold, left their house to go to a bachelor party. The next morning, he returned to find his wife raped and murdered, slashed viciously at the throat, while her three year old slept in the bedroom next to hers. Debi's mother, Jacque Macdonald, soon began an endless search for her daughter's killer.
Suspects: Although Debi's husband, Harold, was initially considered a suspect, he was later cleared of any involvement. The case was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted in 1992.
Extra Notes: The case originally aired as a part of a 1994 segment; the exact airdate is unknown.
Results: Solved. In December of 1996, a man told the police that he knew who Debi's killer was, twenty seven year old Scott Avery Fizzell. In January of 1997, Fizzell was located and questioned by police about the case. He was soon arrested and charged with the murder of Debi Whitlock. In 1999, he pleaded guilty to her murder and was sentenced to twenty five years in prison. Debi's stepdaughter, Angela Dove, later wrote a book on the case, called "No Room for Doubt." Debi's case was also shown on Investigation Discovery's "Cold Blood" in 2010.

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