Dave bocks1

Dave Bocks

Real Name: David Bocks
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Fernald, Ohio
Date: June 18, 1984


Details: Dave Bocks was an N.L.O. pipe fitter who had worked at the nuclear-energy facility for three years when he vanished in June 1984. At 11pm on June 18, Dave met his carpool partner Harry Easterling and they drove to work. Dave inspected the pipes throughout the facility; only the maintenance crew and security worked during the graveyard shift. Dave started work at 12am and was given assignment to look at the pump in Building 8. Harry noticed him putting his keys and lock in the top of his tool box like normal. Then, at 4am, an N.L.O. employee reported seeing Dave talking in a car with his supervisor and that the windows were oddly rolled up even though it was a hot and muggy night. The same employee ran into Dave again around 5am and noticed that Dave was walking to Building 4, even though he was assigned to work in Building 8. This was the last time Dave was seen alive.
Later that morning, Harry became suspicious of Dave's absence. At 7am, there was a safety meeting, but Dave did not attend it. Afterwards, Harry saw that Dave's keys were still in his toolbox and he assumed that Dave was working overtime. Harry later left work without Dave. At around 7:30am, a furnace operator in Building 6 notified his supervisor that the casings in his over were covered in a sticky residue. The operator also detected an unusual odor; he even thought he may have seen a leg in it. The supervisor, however, did not notice anything strange. That night, Harry arrived at the restaurant to meet Dave again, but Dave was nowhere to be found. Dave's car's hood was cold, meaning that it hadn't been driven recently. Harry had a security guard open Dave's locker, and his clothes were still in there. Dave was soon reported missing and an investigation began. It was discovered that at 5:15am on the morning of Dave's disappearance, the furnace in Building 6 received a large temperature drop, suggesting that something foreign had entered it. A worker had also found a piece of bone on the lip of the furnace. The furnace was soon shut down, but three days would pass before the material could be cooled enough to be searched. Several of Dave's belongings were found in the furnace, including his keys. This made no sense to Harry Easterling, since he had seen Dave's keys in his toolbox after he vanished. Along with the keys, investigators found a steel toe from a boot, part of an eyeglass frame, Dave's two-way radio, and a stainless steel wire looped in three oddly connected circles. Also found in the furnace were pieces of human bone.
During the investigation, authorities suspected that Dave had committed suicide; Dave had apparently attempted suicide after his divorce. However, his family and co-workers do not believe that he committed suicide, nor do they believe that it was an accident. An investigative reporter believes that Dave was a whistle blower, and that he was silenced in order to cover up the release of hazardous materials from the N.L.O. factory. He believes that Dave was knocked unconscious in Building 8 and was then taken to Building 6 where he was lowered into the furnace. However, authorities became convinced that Dave's death was a suicide. To this day, his family and co-workers are searching for the truth.
Suspects: None known, but it is believed that Dave was killed because of the negligence occurring at N.L.O.
Extra Notes: This segment ran for the first time on March 2, 1994.
It is unclear as to when exactly this occurred. The night prior to the disappearance is indicated to be "Sunday, June 19, 1984," but this was a Tuesday.
Results: Unsolved

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