Dan casolaro1

Danny Casolaro

Real Name: Daniel Casolaro
Nicknames: Danny, Dan
Location: Martinsburg, West Virginia
Date: August 10, 1991


Details: Danny Casolaro was an investigative reporter found dead near Martinsburg, West Virginia. He was found in the bathtub of his hotel on August 10, 1991, with both his wrists slashed several times. Although the authorities ruled that he committed suicide, his family believes that he was murdered. They cite his work investigating the "INSLAW" computer security software which he had found to be stolen and tampered with, prior to resale by the US Government to foreign nations.
Suspects: Several people believe Danny was murdered by a secret clandestine government agency dubbed "The Octopus," but such a presence is unconfirmed at best.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the March 10, 1993 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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