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Dan montecalvo

Real Name: Daniel Montecalvo
Case: Appeal
Date: March 31, 1988
Location: Burbank, California


Details: Ex-convict Dan Montecalvo met his wife Carol through a group at her church that wrote letters to prisoners, and in 1980, they were married. After Dan was released, everything seemed fine in their lives until March 31, 1988, when both Dan and Carol were shot in their home by intruders. Although Dan survived, Carol died from her wounds..

Carol montecalvo

Carol Montecalvo

Dan said they had planned to finish packing for a vacation when two burglars entered the home and attacked them. Montecalvo was grabbed by a man with a mustache. However, police believed that Dan had murdered Carol then staged the scene to collect on her life insurance. He was later arrested and charged with her murder.
In 1990, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to twenty-seven years to life in prison. However, in January 1991, his neighbor, Suzan Brown, confessed that she and a friend were the ones who had broke into the Montecalvo home, believing that they had already left for their vacation. They planned to steal money when they entered the home. Suzan's friend shot and killed Carol, and she shot and wounded Dan. Montecalvo believes Brown was one of the robbers, but he is adamant that she wasn't the one who shot him. The prosecution and many police officers, however, believe that Suzan is lying. Brown allegedly has a history of mental illness and they say she made up the story to get attention. She maintains that she and her friend were responsible. This revelation, along with other evidence, suggests that Dan may actually be innocent.
Suspects: Suzan Brown confessed that she shot Dan and that her friend shot Carol.
Extra Notes: The case first aired on the October 16, 1992 episode of Final Appeal: From the Files of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Unresolved. Dan died of sepsis in September 2013 without ever being granted a retrial. Seventeen days after his sentencing, he had married one of Carol's close friends from church.

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