Clay taylor

Clay Taylor

Real Name: William Claybourne Taylor
Aliases: William Clay Taylor, Clay Taylor, Michael A. Cauley, Michael Ferris Cawley, Michael Ferris Cauley, William C. Taylor, Robert J. Cudone, William Claybrourne Taylor
Wanted For: Murder, Attempted Murder
Missing Since: August 6, 1980


Details: Clay Taylor is wanted for the January 8, 1977 murder of a former INS official, Walter Scott, and the attempted assassination of Florida mayor Eugene Bailey. At approximately 9 pm on that night, Walter, Eugene, two friends, and their wives were leaving dinner when they discovered that one of Walter's car tires was flat. The women decided to take one car home while the men tried to fix the car's tire. Twenty-five minutes later, after they got the tire repaired at a local garage, the four men left to go home. While driving down a road, Walter was shot once in the head with a shotgun; he was killed instantly. The shooter then walked to the car and shot Eugene multiple times, but he survived and the other two men were unharmed.

  • Walter Scott
  • Eugene Bailey

Authorities felt that Walter was not the target of the crime; they believed that Eugene was the target because of his career. The only physical evidence found at the scene was an appointment book and some shell casings. With no suspects, the investigation stalled until 1980 when a witness came forward. The woman claimed that she had been abused by her boyfriend, Paul Allen, and that Allen had confessed to being involved in the murder of Walter Scott. She claimed that Allen had met with a man named Ray Taylor who had hired him to kill Eugene Bailey. She claimed that Ray's brother Clay was also involved. The woman also claimed that Ray had told Allen to get rid of the guns involved in the shooting. She told authorities that Allen had taken her with him when he dumped the guns in a nearby river. The woman led the investigators to a river, but the guns were not found. When questioning locals, however, authorities did learn that several guns had been found in the river several years earlier, and that these guns were in the custody of local police. The guns were registered to Ray Taylor; he had claimed that they had been stolen six days prior to the murder. Tests proved that one of the guns was used to shoot Eugene Bailey.
Authorities interviewed Paul Allen, who first denied any involvement in the case, claiming that his girlfriend was lying. However, when the investigators told Allen that they had the guns used in the shooting, he confessed. Allen claimed that he was only the driver and that he did not shoot anyone. Allen told investigators that Ray Taylor was $40,000 in debt in 1977 and was also Eugene Bailey's business attorney. Ray assumed that if Eugene died, his family would appoint him executor of Eugene's 3.5 million dollar estate.

  • Paul Allen
  • Ray Taylor

Allen told investigators that Ray Taylor had given him the guns. Allen claimed that he and Clay Taylor followed the couples to the restaurant. Clay flattened one of the car's tires in order to have less witnesses to the shooting. Clay and Allen waited for the men to drive by. When they did, Clay put on a ski mask and attached a flashlight to his shotgun. Allen said that once they were pulled up to the other car, Clay fired once, killing Walter Scott. Clay then told Allen to pull over; Clay walked to the car and then fired the remaining shots at Eugene Bailey. Afterwards, Clay took the guns used in the shooting and gave them to his brother Ray. A week after the shooting, Ray returned to Allen and gave him the guns, which he then dumped in the river.
Allen's story was further corroborated when investigators determined that the appointment book dropped at the murder scene belonged to Clay's girlfriend. Allen testified against the Taylor brothers, received fifteen years probation, and died in 1981 of natural causes. Ray Taylor was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. However, his conviction was later overturned; he pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. Eugene Bailey, the intended victim, died in 1983. However, Clay Taylor, the alleged trigger-man, after being arrested in 1980, vanished while out on bail and is still at large.


Clay Taylor in 2016

Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the September 26, 1990 episode.
Results: Captured. In 1991, Ray Taylor was released on parole. In July of 2016, the FBI learned from an Unsolved Mysteries viewer that Clay Taylor was married and living in Reidsville, North Carolina, under the assumed name Jay Emmett Manion. He was arrested on July 28; when brought into custody, he denied that he was Taylor. However, fingerprints confirmed his identity. He is set to stand trial in Florida in January of 2018.