Letter from circleville writer

Letter from the Circleville Writer

Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: Circleville Writer
Wanted For: Harrassment, Attempted Murder, Murder
Missing Since: 1994


Details: In 1976, several Circleville, Ohio residents were receiving strange letters detailing personal information about their lives. Bus driver Mary Gillespie was accused of a supposedly non-existent affair with a school official. The writer then turned violent and carried out the murder of Mary's husband, Ron Gillispie, on August, 19, 1977, although police claim that he died in an accident. In 1983, Mary was harassed along her bus route, and she later found a booby trap designed to kill her. Her own brother-in-law, Paul Freshour, was accused of the crime and indicted on circumstantial evidence.

Paul freshour

Paul Freshour

Proclaiming his innocence, Freshour went to prison, even as he himself received letters determined to keep him there. Even though he was in solitary confinement, letters kept arriving. In May 1994, Paul was paroled, and continued to maintain his innocence until his death, maintaining a lengthy blog. However, the author of the letters has never been revealed.
Extra Notes: The original airdate for this episode is November 11, 1994.
Results: Wanted. However, the Circleville Writer did write a postcard to the Unsolved Mysteries P.O. Box after he/she was broadcast. Their identity remains unrevealed.
Since this case has been broadcast, however, Paul Freshour passed away in 2012, never knowing the identity of the Circleville Writer.

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