Christine Mirzayan

Real Name: Christine Mirzayan
Nicknames: None Known
Location: Washington D.C.
Date: August 1, 1998


Details: On August 1, 1998, D.C. intern Christine Mirzayan went a barbecue. She vanished while walking home from the event. She was later found raped and murdered in a D.C. park.
Suspects: Christine's murder is believed to be linked to the deaths of D.C. interns Chandra Levy and Joyce Chiang. All three women lived in the same area, all were about the same height and had brown hair, and all were interns at some point in their lives.
Extra Notes: This case originally part of an segment aired on the June 10, 2002 episode, which primarily focused on the possible connection between the murders of Chandra Levy and Joyce Chiang. Christine's murder was profiled on America’s Most Wanted.

Potomac River Rapist Composite and Age Progression

Composite and Age Progression of the suspect sought in the Potomac River Rapist

Results: Unsolved. Authorities no longer believe that Christine's murder is related to the murders of Chandra Levy and Joyce Chiang. Separate suspects have been identified in those cases.
DNA testing has linked Christine's murder to the "Potomac River Rapist" who raped several young women in the Washington D.C. area during the 1990s. He has never been identified.