Real Name: Unknown at time of broadcast
Aliases: No other aliases
Wanted For: Armed Robbery
Missing Since: 1988


Details: An unknown man has robbed several banks in the California area and is wanted by the police. He has been nicknamed the "Chevy Chase Bandit" because in a Beverly Hills bank robbery, he tripped over a rug and fell in a similar way to how Chevy Chase tripped and fell on Saturday Night Live before saying "Live from New York".
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 2, 1988 episode.
Results: Captured. When the segment aired a second time, a viewer recognized the bank photos of the bandit and contacted the FBI. Identified as a man named Bernard Strick, the bandit was arrested on April 26, 1989 in Marina Del Rey, California. Bernard Strick died in 2013.

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