Cheryl landon

Cheryl Landon with the rose

Real Name: Cheryl Landon
Case: Paranormal Phenomenon
Location: New York City, New York
Date: Unrevealed


Details: Cheryl Landon is the step-daughter of Michael Landon, a well-known American actor best known for his roles on "Bonanza" and "Highway To Heaven." After his death in 1991, she became devastated and began hearing Michael's voice. She began writing a book about him, but she was uneasy about publishing it and going on talk shows to talk about it. However, her father's voice said that he will give her a single red rose for her first show.

Michael landon

Michael Landon

A year later while in Manhattan, she was preparing for her first talk show when she heard her father's voice again and he said that she needed to find the Central Park fountain. When she got to the bottom of the stairwell, she found a red rose, just like her father had told her. Cheryl is certain that her father contacted her from beyond the grave to help comfort her.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 13, 1997 episode about "signs from heaven", which also included Joe McCarthy and Herman Stegos.
Results: Unsolved