Charles wilson chester

Charles Wilson Chester

Real Name: Charles Wilson Chester
Aliases: Roland Smith
Wanted For: Murder, Armed Robbery
Missing Since: September 1989

Charles wilson chester wife

Aster Belaynek


Details: Fifty-year-old Charles Wilson Chester is wanted for multiple bank robberies and the murder of his thirty-three-year-old wife, Aster Belaynek Chester. On June 8, 1987, Aster was found stabbed to death in the kitchen of their Prince George, Maryland home. After the murder, Chester vanished and an arrest warrant was issued. Since then, he has robbed several banks throughout Maryland, the most recent occurring on September 22, 1989. He is still at large.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 29, 1989 episode.
Results: Captured. Charles Chester robbed several more banks in Maryland before dropping from sight in April of 1991. He was tracked to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but police were unable to locate him. He was finally arrested in Las Vegas in July of 1991.
Police had stopped him because he matched the description of an assailant who had robbed a bank minutes earlier. In his car, police found clothing that matched the description of the robber's clothing and money stolen from the bank. He was convicted of the robberies and Aster's murder. He served thirteen years in prison and was released in December of 2004.