Carlos berdeja1

Carlos Berdeja is wanted for the murder of co-worker Jeanne Molina.

Real Name: Carlos Garcia Berdeja
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: July 1994


Details: Carlos Berdeja is wanted for the murder of Jeanne Molina. In 1994, she began having terrifying nightmares that someone was attacking and beating her, and she believed the man was her husband. She eventually decided to leave him to keep this from happening. She moved to southern California and planned to bring her daughters, ages 10 and 4, and son, age 2, with her later. She got a job as a cook at a Tustin, California Red Robin restaurant and soon began training new employees.

In July, she planned to have her daughter, Joanna, move to Tustin. When her mother and stepfather drove Joanna to the Red Robin on July 18, they were stunned to find out that she had not reported to work that day. Her parents were worried because they knew that she was excited to have her daughter again. The next day, her mother reported her missing.

Two days before, at around 6:30 am on July 17, the Westminster Police Department received a call from two residents who witnessed an older beige Nissan Sentra pull into the driveway of a water storage facility that was under construction. The driver, an olive skinned and dark haired male got out, picked up a large piece of asphalt and began slamming it into something. When he noticed the two residents, he got into his car and drove off. The residents then noticed the crumpled body of a young woman and they called the police.

Carlos berdeja2 jeanne molina

Jeanne Molina was found bludgeoned to death and determined to be sexually assaulted.

When authorities arrived, her body had been so damaged that they were unable to identify her. She had been stabbed repeatedly, raped, strangled, beaten, thrown out of a car, then finally run over by it.

Jeanne remained a Jane Doe for several days until her landlord, who heard she was missing, read about the unidentified woman in the newspaper. Fingerprints on the woman matched hers. Tragically, her premonitions had come true, except for the vision of her husband as her attacker. Evidence at the scene did not match him; he had an alibi and was several hundred miles away.

Detectives interviewed Jeanne's coworkers and found that she left the restaurant around 11pm on Saturday, July 16. She returned later and talked with 30-yea- old Carlos, a coworker, and police believe that they left to celebrate her daughter's arrival. Her car was found in the parking lot near the restaurant a few days after she was identified.

On Sunday, July 17, Carlos called in sick, claiming a family emergency that required him to go to Mexico with his family. Authorities interviewed a coworker who claimed that one month before the murder, he threatened him with a large knife and bragged that he killed someone in Mexico without getting caught. The next day he brought in a Spanish newspaper that said that he was a wanted fugitive. On the day he called in sick, he was seen cleaning blood stains from his Nissan Sentra; he and his common-law wife, Leticia Herrera Esteves, sold most of their possessions. They soon vanished with their two children, claiming that they were visiting sick relatives in Mexico.

Authorities later discovered that Carlos had a history of dating employees, was a drug smuggler, and had another wife and children in Mexico. When his car was found abandoned a few weeks later, there was more evidence to prove he was Jeanne's killer; investigators found blood inside and determined that it had been used to run her over.

Carlos is now wanted by authorities and the FBI and is on Los Angeles's 10 Most Wanted list. He is 5'7, weighs 180 pounds, has black hair, works as a short order cook, plays volleyball, and is considered armed and dangerous. He would now be 52 years old. His wife, Leticia, is also wanted in connection with the case.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the September 5, 2001 episode.
Results: Wanted

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