Canadian crop circles1

Actual photograph of a crop circle

Real Name: Canada Crop Circles
Case: Unexplained Phenomenon
Date: 1998 to present
Location: Edmonton, Alberta


Details: The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network is a volunteer organization that investigates reports of crop circles forming in Canada. Two of their cases involve circles found pressed into the thistle and barley on the farm of Rusty Manuel and Thelley Whitman near Edmonton in 1998. The circles, which were 190 feet long, were found by farm hands the same day that the two returned home from the city.
Canada crop circles

Crop circle on Manuel/Whitman Farm

While most circles are created by hoaxers, and while many skeptics initially believed that the Manuel/Whitman circles were hoaxes, these circles were found by the BLT Research Team near Cambridge, Massachusetts to have characteristics that could not be induced by human means, especially not with ropes and boards, which is how most crop circles are made. Soil samples within the circle were remarkable different than the soil outside the circle. Skeptics still are doubtful, and claim that at least 80% of crop circles are created by hoaxsters, which they call "human-land art". However, others are convinced that these crop circles are made from extraterrestrial or supernatural forces. Theories as to what is creating these circles range from geothermal to magnetic forces to some kind of cosmic energy.

Canadian crop circles3 light

Mysterious Light seen near crop circles

Others believe they could be caused by helicopter down-drafts or by UFOs. Shortly before the crop circles appeared on the Manuel/Whitman farm, several witnesses, including a young couple and the farm owners themselves, reported seeing strange lights hovering above the farm shortly before the crop circles appeared, and many are convinced that those mysterious lights are responsible for the crop circles. To this day, crop circles are still forming around Canada, along with the rest of the world, and they are still unexplained.
Extra Notes: This segment first ran on Unsolved Mysteries in the August 2, 2002 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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