• Bruno
  • Bobo

Real Names: Bruno and Bobo
Case: Animal Cruelty
Date: Fall 1988
Location: Redondo Beach, California


Details: Bruno and Bobo were two Pacific sea lions who lived and made their homes on the piers of Redondo Beach. They were very much loved and cared for by the area residents and very friendly, but a cold-hearted individual or individuals mercilessly killed the harmless sea lions, greatly angering everyone who loved and took care of them. The local community is searching for answers in this senseless crime.
Suspects: None
Extra Notes: This segment ran on the December 14, 1988 episode.
Results: Unresolved. Los Angeles seamen Randolph Mansfield and Steven Mitchell were apprehended in the death of Bobo as a result of viewer's tips. In August of 1989, Mansfield was sentenced to a year in prison and ordered to pay $500 fine. Mitchell paid a $500 fine and served community service time. At the time that Unsolved Mysteries aired this update, police were still looking for information on the death of Bruno.

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