Brian foguth

Brian Foguth

Real Name: Brian Michael Foguth
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Brimfield, Ohio
Date: November 28, 1994


Details: Twenty-three-year-old Brian Foguth was a clerk at the Duke and Duchess convenience store in Brimfield, Ohio. On November 28, 1994, police responding to a silent alarm found Brian shot to death in the back of the store. Brian was college-bound with dreams of becoming a writer. In a sad and ironic twist, Brian was not even scheduled to work that night and was a last minute replacement.
Police found that the store's surveillance tape shows a masked figure entering the store at 2:02AM and leading Brian at gun point to the back office. The two were in the back office for approximately one minute. At 2:03AM, the robber is seen crouched behind the counter. Brian is shown putting money from the cash register into a bag. During this time, he triggers the silent alarm.
At 2:04AM, a customer arrived at the gas station pumps, automatically ringing a bell in the back office. The robber apparently believed that the bell was the sound of an alarm going off; a struggle ensued. In the process, Brian struck the robber in the face, which caused him to leave some of his blood on the floor. Brian was then murdered just minutes after the robber entered the store. Amazingly, the entire episode was occurring without the customer noticing it outside. The police arrived soon after the killer left. The man has never been identified and Brian's murder remains unsolved.

  • Surveillance photo of Brian's killer
  • Surveillance photo showing hump

Suspects: The police are looking for a white male from 18 to 30 in age (in 1996), 5'9", who might have injuries to his face due to fighting with Brian. The tapes reveal what looks like a hump on his back which may be a physical characteristic or a concealed ponytail.
Extra Notes: This segment originally ran on the January 5, 1996 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Brian's mother later sued Englefield, Inc., which was the company that owned the convenience store where Brian worked, for failure to protect Brian. His murder remains unsolved.

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