• A composite of the older attacker
  • A composite of the younger attacker

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Rape, Terrorism
Missing Since: May 31, 1994


Details: On May 31, 1994, a young single mother named Theresa and her 7 year old son "Zack" rented a canoe and went out on the Brazos River near Glen Rose, Texas. Due to it being the day after Memorial Day, they assumed that they would have the river to themselves, and about an hour into the trip, Theresa and Zack stopped on a small beach, but as they relaxed, two men came down the river in a similar canoe and began yelling loudly at her. The men appeared to be intoxicated, so as they appeared to dock at the beach, she and Zack got back in their canoe and left. About fifteen minutes later, Theresa pulled back on shore and she walked into the woods about twenty yards to make a rest stop and Zack waited in the canoe. Then, the two men she had seen earlier came from behind, assaulted her and raped her, and she soon passed out. When she awoke, the two men had tied the canoes together and forced her and Zack to get in. The men forced her to drink a bottle of whiskey over and over, and about an hour later, they stopped at another beach where Theresa cleaned herself up. Then, the older dark-haired man raped her again in front of Zack and the two men held Theresa and Zack for several hours. At dusk, they went back to the boat rental outfit as if nothing had happened. Although the boat manager talked to the rapist, Theresa, like many rape survivors, was unable to tell him what had happened.

Because of the alcohol she was forced to drink, Theresa was unable to drive and they were forced to spend a sleepless night at the campground. For two weeks, Theresa tried to keep her rape a secret until her partner in the detective agency, Ken Treuter, convinced her to report the incident to the police. Ken went back to the place where Theresa and the attackers rented the canoes, but nobody was willing to help. Police sketch artist Jeanne Boylan helped create composites of the assailants. There is a $2000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the rapists. The older man was described as 5'9", 185-200 pounds, with dark hair, dark eyes, was extremely muscular and deeply tanned and had oddly shaped nose and earlobes, and would now be in his 50s. The younger man was described as 6'2", 170 pounds, with blonde hair, with a muscular but thinner build, shaved legs that meant he may have been an athlete, may have been named "Chance", and would now be in his late 30s.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 27, 1995 episode.
Results: Wanted. Police received several good tips about the case due to the broadcast and several re-airings, but no arrests have ever been made.
Links: None

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