Boo the Dog

Real Name: Boo the Dog
Case: Animal Heroes
Location: Uba River, California
Date: July 27, 1995


Details: On July 27, 1995, Lillian McDermott was with her fourteen-month-old Newfoundland dog, Boo, at the Uba River, having him exercise. Meanwhile, up the river, an amateur prospector named Link Hill was trying to reach his gas can when he got caught in the current and went down the river. Boo soon saw Link and went straight into the river's strong current, trying to reach him.

Lillian mcdermott

Boo grabbed onto Link's arm and took him back to shore. Lillian soon learned that Link was a deaf-mute and was extremely fortunate for Boo to be there; he probably would have drowned otherwise. Lillian and others believe that Boo saving Link was psychic-related.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the January 3, 1997 episode about animal heroes, along with Oscar the dog and Ringo the cat.
Results: Unsolved
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