Bonnie Wilder

Real Name: Unknown at the time of the broadcast
Aliases: Bonnie Wilder
Wanted For: Robbery
Missing Since: August 4, 1986


Details: Bonnie Wilder was the name used by an embezzler whom authorities had nicknamed the "Fat Woman" due to the only photograph identifying her was a casual company photo. She had gotten a job at a department store being responsible for securing incoming cash and credit card receipts. The general manager later noted on her resume that she lacked adequate references and that she listed every reason for leaving her past jobs were bankruptcy or closure of the firms. Claiming multiple closings as a reason for past job losses is highly improbable and an exceptionally rare case for legitimate job applicants. However, those inconsistencies were not enough to raise alarm, and she was hired. Coworkers and superiors considered her competent at her work, which likely contributed to management's decision to ignore those questionable hiring issues.
On the night of August 3rd, 1986, the store had closed up and the employees were preparing to go out the rear exit so the security guard could secure the building, but "Bonnie" said she lost her handbag. This did not arouse suspicion as employees sometimes forgot personal items in the break room or offices, and she returned in a reasonable amount of time. However, in that time she emptied the safe of tens of thousands of dollars worth of cash, and had also stolen the personnel file of her boss, Lisa Penz. Her unexplained disappearance, combined with the loss of the money, caused police to prepare charges against her for embezzlement and identity theft. In another state, police thought they had found her when they interrogated a woman named of Bonnie Wilder, but she had a much difference appearance than the suspect, being much more in shape and her background check did not match that of the one they were looking for. Authorities believe she may be attempting a copycat embezzlement in another part of the country, probably falsely identifying herself as Lisa Penz.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 25, 1989 episode.
Results: Partially resolved. "Bonnie" has since been captured and positively identified as Dora Mae Peterman. In 2003, she was found guilty of stealing Lisa Penz's personnel file, convicted of identity fraud and sent to prison. Other charges, such as the embezzlement, have not yet been prepared against Peterman.
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