Oberholzer schnee1

Bobbi (left) and Annette (right)

Real Name: Barbara Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Kay Schnee
Nicknames: Bobbi (Oberholtzer)
Location: Breckinridge, Colorado
Date: January 6, 1982


Details: On January 7, 1982, the body of 29 year old Bobbi Oberholtzer was found five miles south of Breckenridge, Colorado. She had been shot twice. An orange sock was also found at the scene, which linked her murder to that of 21 year old Annette Schnee. Schnee was found shot to death six months later on a side road of the highway, thirteen miles away. The orange sock belonged to Schnee. Police were able to determine that the women had been killed on the same day and that Schee's killer lost the sock after he killed Oberholtzer.
The prime suspect became Bobbi's husband, Jeff Oberholtzer. According to Jeff, the day that Bobbi vanished started out as a normal day. Bobbi left at around 7:15am and hitchhiked to work. At 6:20pm, Bobbi called Jeff and told him that she was out with friends. When she did not return later that night, Jeff began searching. He found out that she left the bar at 7:30pm and vanished. The next morning, a farmer found Bobbi's drivers license, and her body was found soon afterwards. Bobbi's backpack with her belongings was found thrown from the highway in a field thirty miles from town.
The same day Bobbi's body was found, Annette Schnee was reported missing. Annette was a waitress from Frisco, Colorado, who also hitchhiked to and from work. The two cases were immediately connected by police when they found out that Bobbi's husband Jeff had known Annette. He claimed that he had picked up Annette one day and gave her a business card. He denied any involvement in her disappearance or Bobbi's death. Six months later, on July 3, 1982, Annette's body was found. Jeff's business card and the orange sock that matched the one found with Bobbi were also located.
Authorities tried to determine what might have happened the night of January 6. Annette was last seen in Breckenridge at around 4pm with an unidentified dark-haired woman, who was described as a white female, 5'4" tall, and slender build. Police believe that Annette left to hitchhike back home. The killer picked up Annette and attempted to sexually assault her. While she was putting her clothes back on, she forgot to put on the other orange sock and attempted to escape. The killer then shot Annette in the back, leaving her body in the snow. He apparently returned to Breckenridge where he picked up his second victim, Bobbi Oberholtzer. The killer also tried to rape her. As she attempted to escape, the orange sock fell out of his vehicle. She was shot twice as she escaped over a snow embankment at the side of the highway. She also died in the deep snow.
Bobbi's husband, Jeff, later took a polygraph examination and passed. Police still consider him a suspect, and he continues to maintain his innocence. The murders remain unsolved, however DNA has been recovered from evidence.
Suspects: Jeff Oberholtzer was at one time considered a suspect, but he has since been cleared.
Extra Notes: This case originally aired on the May 1, 1991 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
This case was also featured on Sensing Murder on Discovery Channel on May 22, 2006. The case followed the perceptions of psychics Pam Coronado and Laurie Campbell. They suggested Annette had not died where she was found and separately came up with the same first name of the killer.
Results: Unresolved. With the help of DNA analysis, Jeff Oberholtzer was eventually cleared as a suspect in the murders. However, the real killer has never been caught.