Bo tanner

Bo Tanner

Real Name: Eddie Riddlehoover
Aliases: Bo Tanner, James Michael Holloway
Wanted For: Arson and Bigamy
Missing Since: September 4, 1990


Details: Bo Tanner is suspected of bigamy and setting his church on fire in Polebridge in Flathead County in Montana. But before authorities questioned Bo, he had apparently vanished on September 4, 1990, while many believe he faked his own death. After his disappearance, his wife Debbie was shocked to find out that Bo was married five times and never filed for divorce to each of his wives. Debbie has been searching for him ever since.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 27, 1991 episode.
Results: Captured. Police determined that Bo's real name is Eddie Riddlehoover and he was arrested in Wyoming. However, he could not be charged with bigamy in Washington State, because the prosecuter refused to file the charge. He also could not be charged in the arson case because the statue of limitations had expired. He and Debbie divorced, but she was still happy to know that he was indeed alive and well.
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