Bo tanner

Bo Tanner

Real Name: Eddie Dale Riddlehoover
Aliases: Bo Tanner, James Michael Holloway
Wanted For: Arson and Bigamy
Missing Since: September 4, 1990


Details: After dating for six months, Bo and Debbie Tanner were married on August 16, 1986. They moved to the small town of Polebridge, Montana and lived on a 500-acre ranch that once belonged to her grandfather. The two planned on reviving the ranch and brought in a herd of cattle. They also planned to sublease the ranch to other people and raise their cattle as well. Within a few months, they were the overseers of nearly 200 head of cattle. However, some people in Polebridge thought that a working ranch would ruin the wilderness. As a result, the Tanners tried to preserve the environment as much as possible. They also decided to start a church on their property. They held Sunday services in a makeshift tent, with Bo as the pastor.
On September 10, 1989, during the waxing of the last full moon of the summer, someone slashed the tent with a knife and threw hymnals, chairs, and bibles all over the structure. They then cut the ropes that supported the tent, collapsing it in on itself. Debbie was shocked by the vandalism and believed that someone in the community was out to get them. However, she and Bo did not want to give up on their dreams. They re-opened the church at a friend's nearby cabin.
On the night of July 8, 1990, during another full moon, the cabin was burned to the ground. Investigators determined that the fire had been deliberately set. Bo told Debbie that someone was after him. Then, on August 4, during another full moon, the Tanners came home to find their cabin had been completely ransacked. The assailant had left behind the message "Get Out" next to a picture of Bo. They also left a bullet pointed towards Bo's face in the picture.
Investigators came and searched for fingerprints in the cabin. They also asked Bo to be fingerprinted for elimination purposes. He agreed to meet at the police station on September 4. At 8AM that morning, he dropped Debbie off at the general store where she worked. He told her that he planned to make his weekly supply run to Columbia Falls, thirty miles away. He never returned. However, at some point that morning, he called an investigator and told him that he was running late.
At Noon, Debbie also received a phone call from Bo. He told her that he was having car trouble and that he would be coming back later than he planned. He said that he would probably be back around 5 or 6PM; however, he never came back. Debbie and her friends, along with police, searched every road and footpath around Polebridge. At first, she believed that he had been killed by whoever was after him. However, three days later, she received a letter from him. He told her that he had to go back to his family.
Debbie was distraught over her husband leaving her. When she went through her mail, she discovered that one month before he vanished, Bo had taken about $4,000 and emptied their savings. She figured that he was using the money to stay on the run. She later sold the cattle, packed her belongings, and left Montana. Despite the fact that he deserted her, Debbie never gave up her search for Bo.
Six months later, she went to Emory, Utah, where had previously lived. The townspeople recognized him as "Jim Holloway"; they told her that he had been married to a woman in town named Lenora. The two women met and learned that Bo had abandoned them both after marrying them. In fact, Lenora's divorce to Bo wasn't even final until a year after he and Debbie had married. Debbie learned that Bo had been married five times and never filed for divorce to each of his wives. Bo Tanner is now wanted for bigamy and is suspected of the church fire and vandalism.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 27, 1991 episode.
Results: Captured. Police determined that Bo's real name is Eddie Riddlehoover and that he had faked his death twice while being investigated by police in Texas and Washington. In Texas, his car was found abandoned on a bridge and it was assumed that he had committed suicide to avoid an arson investigation. In Washington, he faked his death by leaving a large quantity of blood in his vehicle. However, testing determined that the blood had come from an animal.
Riddlehoover was arrested in Wyoming as a result of the broadcast. However, he could not be charged with bigamy in Washington State, because the prosecutor refused to file the charge. He also could not be charged in the arson case because the statue of limitations had expired. On January 20, 1992, he and Debbie met face-to-face for the first time in almost two years. The two agreed to divorce, but Debbie was still happy to know that he was indeed alive and well.