Ben baker

Benjamin Baker

Real Name: Benjamin Austin Baker
Case: Lost Son
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Date: May 1932


Details: In May of 1932, when Margaret "Margie" Hamilton was just fourteen, her mother became gravely ill. Before dying, she urged her daughter to marry James Austin Baker, a lumberyard worker in Atlanta, Georgia. He was more than four times her age. Within a year of their marriage, she gave birth to a son: Benjamin Austin "Benny" Baker. She was very happy with her son. However, James was not pleased because he had three grown children from a previous marriage.
When Benny was eighteen months old, he became ill. She took him to the hospital where she had to leave him for three days. When she came to pick him up, she was told that he was gone. Behind her back, James had given Benny up for adoption. Tragically, there was nothing she could do. She stayed with James, only because he told her that he could sign papers to get Benny back. Three years later, she gave birth to a daughter, Naomi. Three years after that, she had a second daughter named Lois. James tried to get rid of his daughters as well, but Margie prevented this because she had finally learned to read and write. Also, they had moved to California and the laws were different by that time.
In 1944, James Baker died; finally, Margie was free to search for her son. However, when she went back to the orphanage in Atlanta, she was only given a photograph of him when he was about seven (seen above). She was told that the adoption records were sealed. She was also coldly told to forget that she ever had a son.
Today, Lois is trying to find her long-lost brother, Benjamin, so that he can finally meet their mother Margie, now eighty.

  • Margie, Lois, and Ben reunited

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the June 4, 1999 episode along with Gerry and Terry Robinson.
Results: Solved. A viewer contacted Unsolved Mysteries and stated that Benjamin had once lived as a foster child in his home. With the help of this viewer, Benjamin was found living in Everett, Washington. Benjamin entered the foster care system at eighteen months and grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He later became a salesman, married, and started a family. Sadly, he was told that his birth mother had cruelly abandoned him. However, when he learned the truth, he flew to Colorado Springs to be reunited with his mother and sister.
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