Bashir kouchacji

Real Name: Bashir "Gabbi" Kouchacji
Case: Harassment, Abduction, Attempted Murder
Date: July 1, 1974
Location: Washington D.C.


Details: On July 1, 1974, during his stay in Lebanon, Bashir Kouchaji was taken hostage and held for several days by unknown terrorists. The whole time, they never told him why he was being held. He was eventually released after attempting suicide. He traveled to the United States to live, opening a widely successful restaurant in Washington DC. Over the years, he began receiving threatening phone calls from a group of people called "L'Fant," or" l'enfant" (French for "the child") with knowledge of his abduction. Along with the harassing phone calls, Bashir's car caught fire one morning and a mechanic determined that the fire was a result of sabotage. A son of his close friend was abducted by two unknown men and beaten severely. Bashir eventually committed himself to a mental asylum, but the harassment still continued. To this day no one has any idea why Bashir is being targeted.
Suspects: The threatening phone calls are suspected of being from a child, but the reason for the child doing this to Bashir is unknown. Some suspect that the harassment may be related to the 1974 abduction.
Extra Notes: This was one of the segments on the February 17, 1993 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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