Real Name: Unknown
Case: Abandoned Child
Date: April 13, 2013
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii


Details: An eight-pound newborn baby girl was found abandoned on Sandy Beach near Honolulu, Hawaii by a woman who turned her over to authorities at a local hospital. The woman is not considered a suspect, but the police are trying to track down the child's mother.
Extra Notes: This case has yet to be featured on Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Solved. Keala Simeona, 21, has since been identified as the baby's mother through DNA testing. Keala was actualy the woman who had "found" the child. She told police that she panicked after discovering she was pregnant. She had hid her pregnancy from her family and then made up the story after her child's birth. In 2014, she was awarded custody of her child.

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