Audrey santo in 1987

Audrey Santo in 1987

Real Name: Audrey Santo
Case: Miracles/Medical Mystery
Location: Worchester, Massachusetts
Date: August 9, 1987


Details: On August 9, 1987, three year old Audrey Santo was playing with her brother Stephen when she fell into the family swimming pool and nearly drowned. She was rushed to a hospital and went under cardiac arrest and she went into a coma for three weeks. Afterwards, she went into a state called Akinetic Mutisim, which is a state of non-speaking and limited movement. Four months after the accident, Audrey was brought home to live with her family while in a hospital bed. Her family later took her to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia, and although the trip nearly killed Audrey, her family believes that she spoke with the Virgin Mary and became a victim soul, which is a person who willingly takes on the suffering of others. After Audrey was brought back home, oil began dripping from several objects in their house, and blood and oil began "weeping" from a painting of Jesus Christ.
Audrey santo in 1999

Audrey in 1999

The oil from the objects was given to people who were ill, and they claimed that it helped them heal. Sheryle Parolisi claims that she prayed at Audrey's bedside for the recovery of her son Joey, who had been in a car accident and was unable to walk. Sheryle claims that shortly afterwards, Joey was able to walk again. These are some of the many miracles that were believed to have been caused by Audrey. The miracles, along with other elements, some claim promote her for the sainthood, including the fact that she has had no bedsores for twelve years and that she can operate her machines through telekinesis. Audrey's house soon became and still is a pilgramage site, and a window was placed near her room so people can view Audrey. To this day, Audrey Santo and her miraculous powers remain a mystery.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the April 2, 1999 episode.
Results: Unresolved. Audrey passed away on April 14, 2007 due to cardio-respiratory failure. Her mysterious life and the miracles that she made remain a mystery.

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