Arthur lloyd1

Arthur Lloyd

Real Name: Arthur Franklin Lloyd
Case: Lost Brother
Location: Logan, Utah
Date: 1948

Arthur lloyd2 peggy


Details: Peggie Lloyd was the daughter of Lee "Curly" Lloyd, who served in the Army during World War II. While Curly was serving his tour of duty, his wife divorced him and placed Peggie, her sister, and her brother Arthur in a boarding home in Oroville, California. In 1944, she returned with her next husband to take the girls, leaving Arthur behind as some sort of revenge on her husband.
Peggie grew up being told that her father had abandoned her family. When she asked questions about her brother, her mother would change the subject. She sometimes wondered if he even existed. She searched hard for any trace of her brother. In the summer of 1948, she was looking through boxes in her attic when she found a photo of him, which her mother quickly took away from her.
At the age of nine, she was sent to live in a foster home. At age seventeen, she married and had four daughters. Over the years, she remained in contact with her mother. In 1983, she presented to her mother a picture-filled genealogical chart. She hoped that this would encourage her mother to tell her more about her brother and father. Finally, her mother told her the birthplace of her father: Lindsey, Oklahoma.

Arthur lloyd3 lee curly

Lee "Curly" Lloyd

The next day, Peggie placed a newspaper ad in Lindsey, looking for information about him and Arthur. Just nine days later, she received a letter from her aunt, Velma Lloyd, who is married to her father's brother. She included her phone number and the two soon spoke to each other. At that point, Peggie noticed that her father Curly had also sent her a letter. Curly wrote about how happy he was to hear from her after all of the time that had passed.
She finally learned that her father was a circus clown both before and after the war, working for Ringling Bros. and other circuses. In 1955, he performed just five miles from her home in Southern California. In 1984, she was finally reunited with him and his family on her forty-third birthday.
At the reunion, she learned what had happened to Arthur shortly after their separation. For four years, he traveled with the circus, watching his father performed. At the time, Curly had no idea where his ex-wife and daughters were living. His friends advised him that circus life was not good for Arthur, that he instead needed an education.
With great reluctance, Curly gave Arthur, then six-years-old, to the care of a Catholic organization in Logan, Utah in the fall of 1948. The last info Peggie has on her brother is that he lived in Colorado, Springs, Colorado, around 1963; he had sent his father two letters at that time. She doesn't know his adopted family, but Peggie would like to find her brother. Tragically, Curly passed away in 1991 without ever seeing his son again.
Arthur was born on April 21, 1943. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He would today be seventy-four-years-old.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the May 5, 1993 episode.
Results: Unsolved.

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