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Art frankfort

Art Frankfort

Real Name: Harry Fielding Donaldson
Aliases: Arthur Frankford, James Wallace Ferguson and Andrew E. Kearns
Wanted For: Theft, Fraud
Missing Since: July 29, 1988


Details: Arthur Frankford is another Sweetheart Swindler. He meets and romances women, stealing their hearts and then their possessions. He did that to an old lady he romanced in June 1988, vanishing with her valued possessions and jewelry.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 11, 1989 episode.
Results: Captured. Within minutes of the broadcast, some viewers contacted the Unsolved Mysteries call center to say that they recognized Frankford. The first caller said that he was his ex-brother in law. The second caller said he was her neighbor in Whitley City, Kentucky under the name James Ferguson. He was arrested at his home by county sheriffs and Kentucky policemen. He had been married for two months. Police went to search his house and found credit cards and identifications with different aliases and even a gun which belonged to one of his victims. Police ultimately determined that his real name is Harry Fielding Donaldson. Donaldson was found guilty of fraud and was serving his time in a Florida prison. Donaldson has since passed away.
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