April gregory

April Gregory

Real Name: April Gregory
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Syracuse, New York
Date: May 24, 1996


Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: September 30, 1977
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 200 pounds
Marital Status: Unrevealed
Characteristics: Black hair, brown eyes,


Details: April Gregory was a student at Syracuse University when she vanished on May 25, 1996. She had just said good-bye to her brother who dropped her off when she left him to head to her room and vanished. Authorities believe that she was abducted sometime between 12am and 5am, and their only clue was that April's work uniform was missing. On the same day at around the same time, college student Kristen Smart also vanished from her college campus in California.
Suspects: None known
Extra Notes: This case originally ran on the September 20, 1996 episode .
Results: Solved. April's boyfriend, Terence Evans, was arrested for killing her and hiding her body. The similarity with the Kristin Smart case was just a coincidence. In 1997, Evans indicated that he pushed her by accident and put her into her bed and gave her medication. When he woke up the next morning, she was dead. However, he was convicted of second degree murder and was sentenced to twenty five years to life in prison.

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