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Real Name: Unrevealed
Nicknames: Licking County Jane Doe
Location: Hebron, Ohio
Date: April 19, 1990


Details: The partially-disrobed female was found beaten to death at the side of Interstate 70. Jewelry had apparently been stolen from her body. Examination indicated she had possibly been a prostitute. However, she has never been positively identified.
Suspects: The prime suspect in the woman's murder is an unidentified serial killer known as the Ohio Prostitute Killer. He was possibly a trucker who went by "Dr. No" over a CB radio. He may have preyed on prostitutes in Ohio, between the years of 1981 and 1990.

Patrice corley1

Patrice Corley

Results: Unresolved. A new reconstruction of the victim was later created in hopes of determining her identity. In August of 2017, the victim was identified as twenty-nine-year-old veteran Patrice Corley, thanks to DNA testing. Patrice had vanished in December of 1989 from Louisville, Kentucky, and left behind a young son. Her sister-in-law attempted to report her missing, but was told that she was not allowed to do so because she was not a blood relative. Her sister-in-law tried again in October of 2016; this time, the report was accepted and Patrice was identified as a result. However, her killer has never been identified; investigators have re-opened the murder case.