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Ann Correcelli and Lena Marie Wilson

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Ann corecelli

Ann Correcelli

Real Name: Ann Correcelli and Lena Marie Wilson
Aliases: Mrs. Calvin
Wanted For: Fraud
Missing Since: Unrevealed


Details: Ann Correcelli and her mother Lena Marie Wilson are a fraudulent fortune telling team who are wanted for scamming seventeen residents of Peoria, Illinois throughout the 1980s out of over $600,000. Much of their modus operandi was to convince people that they were cursed due to having money, and that it must be destroyed. Police believe the money was then switched with play money, which is what actually got destroyed, while the real money was kept.

Lena marie wilson

Lena Marie Wilson

Extra Notes: The original airdate for this segment is November 15, 1989.
Results: Unresolved. Wilson and an accomplice, Joe Marks, were later arrested in connection with the scams, but Correcelli was never caught. However, the statute of limitations has expired in this case, and she is no longer wanted by authorities, although authorities also have noted that they lack confidence that Correcelli has gone straight, and may be continuing to operate under the likely the possible pseudonym "Mrs. Calvin". Should Correcelli be continuing in fraudulent affairs, this will constitute a whole new crime and resume the search.

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