Alexander1 with siegfried

Alexander with Siegfried Laier

Real Name: William D. Alexander
Case: Lost Friend
Location: Moerlenbach, Germany
Date: March 1945


Details: Siegfried Laier was a boy in Germany during the last days of World War II. In the devastation, he and his sisters were taken by their mother to the village of Moerlenbach where they encountered American GIs providing food and medical supplies. He befriended an American G.I. named Alexander who took special interest in him and his family and made sure they got the help they needed. He became great friends with Alexander, but they became separated when Alexander shipped out of Germany. All he has is a photo to remind him of his family's friend, and he hopes to someday see him again.
Alexander2 siegfried now

Siegfried Laier

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 9, 1994 episode.
Results: Unresolved

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